Rolex Milgauss copy watches with white dials

With the enhancement of magnetic force, more and more antimagnetic UK fake watches are designed to maintain the precision, which can fully show the advanced watch manufacture technology.

Especially, Rolex Milgauss copy watches with white dials can resist magnetic field of 1000 gauss, and because of the ferromagnetic alloy antimagnetic cover in the Oyster cases and Parachrom hairspring, the watches own diamagnetism and can resist the temperature change so that the watches can own quite accurate and reliable performance.

Balance swing unit is an important part of the watch, equipped with Rolex created by a unique patented alloy PARACHROM blue gossamer. The gossamer completely free from magnetic interference, in the case of a temperature change is still very stable, shock resistance up to 10 times more than traditional springs. Gossamer equipped with a Breguet end laps to strengthen in the wobble of gossamer isochronous.

Only Rolex watchmaker in order to have the opportunity to see MILGAUSS movement. The movement is extremely fine grinding and perfect technology, embodies the Rolex meticulous in quality, the spirit of excellence.